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Expanded Metals from BHP is lightweight and very strong. Made from metal that has been slit and then expanded into a mesh, BHP Expanded Metal has a network of uniform shaped openings. The strands, rigidly connected at their junctions are all part of the parent metal. Because BHP Expanded Metal is formed in one piece, it cannot unravel or fray, making it strong as well as decorative.
BHP Expanded Metal is suitable for balustrading, screens and security applications to the traditional uses of walk ways, gratings and animal husbandry. Depending on applications, BHP Expanded metal is available in various thicknesses of steel and aluminium. This provides the users with alternatives from which to select the type best suited to his need. These include :

  • Lysaght XPM Ornamesh
  • Lysaght XPM Balustrade Mesh
  • Lysaght XPM Louvre Mesh
  • Lysaght XPM Gridmesh (for Engineering Applications)



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